Map Room always showing HP 0/150000 even after initial placement

Game mode: Online Private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type PvE
Region: USA

Map Room shows 0 of 150000 HP even upon being placed for the first time.

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Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Create Map Room*
  2. Place Map Room **
  3. Check Map Room with repair hammer
  • Map Room was admin spawned and created using mats, same result.
    ** Map Room was placed on foundations, and not on foundations in various locations near the Shattered Springs Obelisk.

Note: Map Room was functional.

It’s a known bug affecting mods. Since you’re on a private server, it’s most likely one of your mods. If you’re using Emberlight, it has a workaround for that, so that you can pick up placeables affected by that bug.


Ok, thanks CodeMage. I am using Emberlight and had not noticed this before.

@CodeMage more like a database bug. I have seen it happen on pure vanilla servers which have never had mods installed.


Weird. I’ve yet to see it on an official server. I wonder what’s causing it.

Have seen this with a couple of workstations to. Last Dismanteling Bench i placed got this. On official pve server.


On my private modded server (Emberlight) I see it most often on elevators.

Not an issue on Testlive US3 PVE. I’m monitoring on private servers where this is showing. If it does not affect the life span of the map room, as long as players are aware they can ignore it, not really a problem.

Within our DB, placeable health is expressed as a fractional number, rather than an integer. Relational data based on these numbers can become invalid if there is a simple error in the math on this one value. Some service providers, and indeed, some individual server hardware within a provider can be subject to a Floating Point Unit error.

While not irreparable, unless and until a Windows-based server receives the pertinent KB (patch), it may encounter and incorporate these errors. The result is that every subsequent placeable of that type will display 0 HP. Once the FPU issue is corrected, this will remain a permanent data error that will persist in the DB until the DB is repaired.


That’s an awesome explanation and it makes perfect sense! And it also provides a nice lesson – use fixed point where you can get away with it :wink:


Add 1 kiln and another Dismanteling Bench to my list. Its the price i must pay for redesigning my base montly i guess.

Thank you. I’m working on learning show to create using Unreal Engine and that’s a good thing to know. Again, thanks Barnes.

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