Map-Room locations "shifted" (video)

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5 (Digital Edition)
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 4521

Bug Description:

Greetings team!
Sometimes (it is random) after placing a Map-Room the locations will be “shifted”, as in if yo hit a location it will send you to the location two places to the right of it.
The first time it happened to me it was fixed by deleting the Map-Room and then building it again, but the last time it was fixed after server restart.
The bug can be nasty: the first time it took me to the jungle, far from any means to return to my base, and I was with some low level Thralls I wanted to level (and any poison could have killed them).
This is happening to more players: Map room Volcano sends me to Mounds of the Dead? Anyone else?

Bug Reproduction:

Just build a Map-Room and try to rotate it many times before placing it (that is what I always do). The bug is random, but has happened to me 2 times out of the last 4 times I have placed new Map-Rooms. The bug is shown in the following video: Map-Room locations "shifted" bug and workaround - Conan Exiles - PS5 - YouTube

This happened to me as well. I put it as a zendesk ticket because it was conveniently at raid time when we were getting raided when this happened.

There are two other bug reports on the forum about it but were closed due to inactivity.

What worked for us is to simply demolish and rebuild. That seems to rest the locations again.

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Is anyone working this problem? I mean, if people are making YouTube videos about and others are watching it and leaving replies, maybe it is a problem. I’m at mid game right now and this room isn’t quick and cheap for me to just keep destroying and rebuilding.
EDIT: I’m on PC.

I only got word they are looking into it.

I’ve seen this, but only after using the move command. It fixed itself after the server restart.

When I have built a map, it works fine.

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Just like @speedice said, either wait for server to restart or use the hammer to break it. With the hammer you will lose no materials.
And yes, it seems to happen after moving the Map-Room.
Oh, and this report was already sent to developers (or issues backlog).

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