Placeables move back to previous location after server restart 😱 (video)

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5 (Digital Edition)
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands and Siptah
Server Name: 4521 (Exiled Lands), 8144 (Siptah)

Bug Description:

Good morning team!
I hope this is not too hard to follow, I will point you to evidence in two different videos.
The videos take part in Exile Lands, but this bug also happens in Siptah. I have already lost a couple of placeables and their content on both servers.
The bug I found is that some placeables will go back to the previous location they were before the server restarts, and when they find new surfaces in their old locations, they will just merge (show one on top/merged with the other).
That, obviously, may lead to the total loss of said placeables and, in the case of containers, the lost of everything in them.

Bug Reproduction:

In the first video ( you can see at minute 2:20 when I move one chest from the ice to inside of the building.
In the second video (, recorded days after the first one, you can see at minute 2:14 the same chest at the exact same place it was before I moved it days before.
In both videos the log is shown, so you can check the real time when they were recorded.
I have lost, that I know of, 3 large chests (filled with alcohol and food related items), 8 large improved preservation boxes (filled with hundreds of buffs fish, religious food, spiced food, raw meat of different kinds, ingredients, and more) so far.
I have lost placeables like the ones with compost as well.
I believe all of them are containers of a sort, and they have been moving from foundations back to previous ground locations, and from foundations back to previous foundations locations.
This particular bug is really frustrating, you just do not know what will be lost after server restarts.
Please, let me know if there is anything you do not understand.

Yes, has happened since the previous magic season launched. Hasn’t been aknowledged by Funcom, or atleast they haven’t done anything about it or even mentioned fixing or looking into it anywhere.

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Hopefully they will work on it soon :crossed_fingers:t3:.
I quit playing on my EL main account after losing all those placeables and their content, and maybe that happened to others as well :flushed:.

Currently when I use the dismantle function or don’t remove the foundations until server restarts after moving placables…

Last week i had a nice effect because of this i would love to reproduce it. I moved a improved alchemy bench and placed a arcane curiosity cabinet at this place.
Next day the curiosity cabinet and alchemy bench were at the same place. This was really nice it fits optical and would be a useful storage place :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I had to move it both this was only a temporary place.
The last days I tried to reproduce it but unfortunately there was no server crash :sweat_smile:

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:eyes: :scream_cat:

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