'Moved' Items Move back at Server Reset

I’ve had it happen twice. I move a couple of plants to a mulch pad, and the next day, only the new stuff was still there. I checked the event log, nothing decayed. Then I happened to see them where they used to be. I moved them again, and no problems since.

Last night, I rebuilt Thrall-Mart and moved cupboards full of thralls. This morning, the cupboards were all back in their old positions, inside walls and columns. I am able to move them again, but this is weird.

Anybody else see this?


Yes this means the server crashed and didn’t restart and has to load from a backup.

You’re not seeing items ‘move back’. You’re seeing a server rollback.


Would that not result in the old build returning?

Yes, @Wonka made a video about it on PlayStation bag report!

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Depends on when the backup was taken, and which one they use.

Usually the backups are taken every 5 minutes (default), and when you need to rollback, you keep going back one step to see if the server comes up, if it crashes you go back again. Its possible the building was placed in the good back up, while the items weren’t.

Unfortunately the reason for crashing doesn’t always result in an immediate crash, which makes finding where it occurred tricky.

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Yup! Here it is: Placeables move back to previous location after server restart 😱 (video)

I believe (based in pure imagination) that moving containers do not update the right “position” field, and after the server restarts takes the position previous to being moved.

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Now, here’s the really weird thing. In my rebuilt storage, the last thing I moved after the 20 cupboards were the refrigerators of animals. The only things that stayed in place were those refrigerators.

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