Maproom and Thralls



Say i was wondering is it possible to take thralls slaved or dragging through the maproom.


I know, for certain, dragged thralls will disappear if you go through a maproom, or any loading screen for that matter.

Unsure if it’s a thrall or pet following you and you go through a maproom or loading screen however.


Had a dancer thrall follow me through a maproom so yes to that, dont know about the other.


All Thralls that are able to follow your character will follow you through the map room. I’ve tested with warriors, bearers and Entertainers.


WOW this is GREAT INFO. Will do that then.
Many thanks :sweat_smile:


Pets will do it too. I tested it myself and pets will follow you trough map room. Some thralls and pets may get stuck eventually but it’s a rare bug.


what do you mean by “stuck” exactly please?


maybe they are very big and catch on the maproom?
(i dont have a map room yet, but its cool to know we can have a follower) :slight_smile:


If you mean Bound, Captured, Unconcious. No you cannot, thrall will dissapear is my last known info.

Sidemark: If you "pick it up"and take it through a maproom, it will error with “To far away”


I mean sometimes they’ll get stuck rigth inside the obelisk after a fast travel, and sometimes they’ll disappear and will teleport back to it’s previous location. Sometimes they’ll even get lost in the way (pets mostly) and you’ll need to search for them. That’s doesn’t happens too much tough so it’s a rare bug.


i thank you for your quick answer mate, gotcha ! you 'll spare me some trouble then.


You’re wellcomed!


ok so, i gave it a shot (followers through maproom) and it worked every single time, i have tested it about 7 times so far with a sabertooth only.

However, i can truly imagine what Sonek4 said about glitches in that regard.

So eventhough i wouldn’t travel with a rare thrall or a greater pet with full inventory, i still think it can be Worth it to bring “expendable” followers along with you through the maproom if you give them Nothing to carry for you.


In Official server 3566 i was attacked rigth after arrived at the sullfur lake obelisk; i took a look around the ob and found nothing surrounding it, so i got right in the ob and a sword arm came from the ob towards me lol: the fighter was right inside the obelisk rock! Asking around other clans i found that one of them have lost it’s fighter during a fast travel to that ob; the guy went into the map room with his thrall and took it to the sullfur lake but the thrall gone lost somehow he couldn’t find it. Well, it found me and almost killed me from the ob hahaha.
In another time, my clanmate lost a cammel after fast travelling back to base; i found it two days later in a completely different spot: somehow it has gone lost and went there.
However, those issues are really rare and isn’t that a big deal to worry about.


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