Dragging Thrall - Using the Map Room Weirdness

Can we instant port a dragged thrall, the same as a follower, when traveling to an Obelisk from the Map Room?

Right now when you use the Map Room and you teleport to an Obelisk, you thrall seems to still be at the Map Room and is trying to catch up to you by actually covering the distance between the Map Room and the Obelisk instead of porting as you (and a follower) would.

I found that waiting for a few min’s for the thrall to ‘catch up’ doesn’t work, but if you continue on to your wheel of pain and interact with it, the thrall shows up on the wheel like normal even though your binding chain is stretched across the screen.

All of that is weird, but ok and I could live with it …except when you drop your thrall by climbing, using a torch (why not place the torch in the hand not used to drag the thrall…), or if you fall off a cliff…and you find that your thrall has been dropped…but you don’t know where it actually is, so you can’t pick it up.

I did find out that when dragging a thrall like this where you can’t see it and the chain is super long and you get a server disconnect and you log back in, the thrall you were dragging is suddenly at your feet instead of a million miles away.

I’m not sue if the infinity rope animation is bugged and the thrall is really behind you the whole time and the animations are bit off, or that the thrall is actually back at the Map Room you used and is slowly dragging itself across the map trying to catch up to you.

Anyways, not sure if this falls into a suggestion or bug.



Thanks for the tip

Just an update for the one other person who is reading this post :slight_smile:

When I used a Map Room today (West side of the map) to the lower jungle Obelisk, I got the infinite chain of dragging as always…but this time I happened to look down at the ground in the direction of the chain and seen the text you’d get when your standing over an unconscious thrall.

The text looks the same as any thrall your dragging, but in this case there wasn’t a body (visibly) there.

So now I"m thinking that the body is being dragged behind you as normal (even with the million mile long chain) and it’s just that the body is invisible for some reason.

This also makes sense that when I was dragging a thrall this way and got a server disconnect (DC) and log’d back on, the thrall was all of a sudden right behind me.

Well, I guess if you use use a Map Room while dragging a thrall and you drop it for whatever reason, try looking down at the ground in the direction you came from and look for the ‘text’ and try to re-bind the thrall…or maybe try logging out and back in and see if the thrall is behind ya and visible.

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