Maprooms not available to non owners change in 2.4

What is the logic in the change for maprooms to not be usable by general players and only by the owners?

I am a solo player so I have to use fast travel to realistically grind mats around the map enjoy the game and still havean irl life. Also I have been a provider of transit for gen pop by placing nicely built (each unique) and this was on pvp servers, did anyone complain, did anyone raise and destroy them? No!
It is therefore hard to understand who this change is for. (hard to feel that pve peeps asked for this) Anybody was always free to lock their map away if they wanted exclusivety, keeping in the spirit of the game. I can only presume this is a decision to make the game even more grindy.
I have over 4500 in the game and love it but this may be the final straw and I’m probably going to stop playing. I don’t think you (funcom) can afford to lose many more players or this game will be truly dead soon.
I also have a private server and all the dlc’s so I definately provide the revenue you need.
change this back asap please.

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a bug which is being looked at


Before you decide to take such a drastic step, I suggest using the search function on the forums first:


They have already stated it is an unintended bug and will be fixed.


lol thanks, my apologies. i had just had a trying “conan time” and vented my spleen a little strongly. Thank-you for catching me up.


thanks jj i’m a little calmer now. :slight_smile: (see my reply to CodeMage


I just hope they fix it soon. I used to be the owner of the public map rooms on an official server, so I know how important they are :slight_smile:


You’re not the only one. This bug affects some modded content in a really bad way.


Yeah the bug has temporarily ruined dungeons I have created and several other handy things we added for players.
Players not being able to open other’s unlocked doors is a big issue for us. Had to change every door in our city to an egress, so players could go into shops.
Secret doors in our dungeons (from DMT mod) dont work, so players cant find half of the rewards atm.

I handled this differently. I set the doors so they don’t autoclose and left them open.

And hotfix once a day for a week or two? For issues that have temporary workarounds?

This is an issue that affects me quite a bit and the community that I help on a daily basis. And even then, EVEN then I am not making thread after thread about it.

No, I did the right thing. I did my diligence, reported the bug in the channels it needed. And once it was confirmed by the devs I left it alone.

But this seems to be a common theme. Those of us who do proper bug reports and treat the devs with respect get our bugs fixed. Those of you who don’t sit with their bugs for years. Well you know what they say, one must lay in the bed they make for themselves.

Enjoy yourself, and your bugs.

Actually, the game developing industry in general (not ALL game companies, but most) have lowered their standards as far as what is ‘acceptable’ to release to the public. Probably 85% or more of the games on the market were released in what they call an ‘early release’ state. A lot of these games are actually still in Alpha or Beta form but as long as the public is willing to pay for them the game companies will continue to release them earlier and earlier.

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Yeah, as soon as I stranded myself across a desert, I read the patch notes and saw this was an unintended bug. It’s a particularly bad one for the PVE server I’m on. I have public map rooms everywhere. Some poor souls are going to be stuck in the volcano. Not great. I was hoping they’d finally get to fixing the sandstorm bug too. These phantom storms have been going on pushing 1.5 years. Let’s hope there is a fix to this one sooner than that.

Yes, I’m sure there will be a proliferation of map rooms with plenty of players who do not read the forums thinking that they’ve been cut off for some reason. If Funcom’s objective is to reduce clutter and streamline server stability, this is not the way.

Let’s not pretend that Funcom intentionally programmed maprooms, fountains, elevators, etc. to be owner locked. This isn’t some conspiracy they hatched to piss off their players. This is a bug, one that they have acknowledged and will fix as soon as they can.

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There are three exits from the volcano without using a maproom that I know of.

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I’m not saying its a conspiracy, but releasing a bug like this is going to be problematic where everyone will need to build a maproom at key locations. Again - this is a friendly PVE server so I can’t speak for anything other than that. Also wanted to point out that bugs tend to linger in this game for years.

Thank god this is a bug…On official PVE server I have just have run from volcano back to Sepermeru 'cos the public maproom at volcano says ‘You do not own this’! I do NOT want to do that again!
Hurry up and fix this Funcom…plz!



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