Mason Journey - Dry Wood in Dryer

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 1962
Mods: None

Bug Description:

Mason Journey - Dryer

Bug Reproduction:

“Craft Dry Wood in Dryer” step - Made dryer, put wood and bark in it, hit start, made dried wood and resin, journey step did not complete. Also, it says in instructions that this will make dry wood and tar, should be resin.

Take the dry wood out of the dryer when it is done. In fact, I believe adding dry wood to your inventory is the step trigger, I don’t think you actually have to do anything else that it says.

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I thought that too. After dried wood was made and failed to trigger, I pulled all the ingredients out, put them all in again, started it again, made more dried wood. Then thought, maybe I need to salvage the dryer and rebuild one. So I did that, started the process, made dried wood, picked all ingredients up again. Rebuilt the dryer again. Tried again. All steps. Nothing. Then when I logged out for lunch and logged back in again, the step was checked off. Regardless, if what you’re saying is correct, and I presume it is, and there was some other error affecting my gameplay, they need to fix the descriptions to match the actual trigger. It should not say “Place Bark and Wood in the dryer and activate it by pressing the Play button” and the step itself should not say “Craft Dry Wood in Dryer” if the crafting itself is not the trigger. Same with other journey steos that trigger when the material in your inventory goes from 0 to non-0.

Possibly why it was not triggering for you is because the game checks if x item is added to your inventory. If x item is already in your inventory and you pick up more x item, x item is not actually being added, the x item quantity is being increased. This will cause the trigger check to fail.

As for the part about the journey step being misleading, I’d say that is intentional. To understand why, you have to consider what the purpose of them are; to guide new players. The journey steps are not battle pass challenges that are “do arbitrary thing for a reward,” they are “this is how this thing is done.” So the journey steps are not telling you what to do to trigger completion, they are telling you what to do to learn how to play.

I have been struggling with this quest for some time and still have not got it figured out. I have tried all of the suggestions you all stated and still no dice on that. One odd question is, why does the quest state, “By placing wood in dryer, you will create Dry wood and Tar.” when you are unable to get Tar out of the Dryer from wood? I can make Tar from the tannery using Bark, but never wood in the dryer.

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Hey Skyhawk :slight_smile: Yep, exactly, that tar thing was part of my bug report.

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