Massive personnal bugs on official serveur

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug | Performance]
Region: [Eu]

I already apologize for my english.

I’m playing sins 2 weeks on the 3054 official server and I have massive bugs.

  1. I can’t see my stuff anymore (forge, Wheel of pain, workbench, etc.).
  2. My energy is always displayed as fully charged but this is not the case. And when it’s empty, it doesn’t come up again.
  3. The other players on my server don’t seem to have these problems.

It’s not a connection problem because on other servers I don’t have these bugs


Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hello @Klainex, welcome to the forums!

When did these issues come up? Do you recall any steps taken prior to that?

Have you tried to let your character die and respawn?

Thank you for your quick answer.
The problems appeared this Tuesday morning during my first connection in the morning and are still present. All the problems appeared at once. The doors are sometimes visible, sometimes invisible which prevents me from getting out. The same goes for my manufacturing workshops, but they are never all visible at the same time (sometimes one, sometimes the other).
I took off my bracelet several times to die. Another time, a player killed me but nothing works.
I don’t really want to recreate a character.

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Hey @Klainex

It seems you bumped into an elusive and rare bug introduced during the building optimizations update. Sometimes, the server fails to render a particular structure and whoever is in the nearby space of that building is affected by the status you mention in Step #2. This problem is temporary and gets resolved once the server has undergone a full restart cycle.
Our team is aware of it and looking into it, but due to its elusive nature it’s very difficult to find a reliable repro case for it.
Thanks for the feedback.

sometimes sam issue

game is not balances for ps 4 to much heat console thats main issue