Master Armorer Journey will not complete - stuck on final step

Game mode (Singleplayer and multiplayer)
Server: Public Test Server PVE - NA
Game type (PvE)
TestLive client (Steam, Age of War)

Issue: The final step in the journey Master Armorer called “Wear a piece of epic armor” will not trigger allowing the journey to be complete.

Single player:
I tested light, medium, heavy sets by crafting and equipping. I then spawned in every epic bordered armor. I spawned in legendary armors, and then I spawned in basic armors.

I was not far enough along to test the issue in multiplayer, but several players on the server were reporting that they crafted epic armor and equipped it and it would not complete the journey. They had tried with thrall/no thrall. I went to single player to confirm.

Note: It is possible that my character and others have worn epic armor before this journey was started in case some trigger is being held up by it already being falsely “completed”. Edit: 1 Player reported not wearing any epic armor before the final step.

Steps to replicate:

  1. Start master armorer journey
  2. Complete all steps and craft a piece of epic armor
  3. Equip the epic armor
  4. Notice that the journey does not complete
  5. Never obtain perfection

I also am having the same problem… Has this been fixed yet or is it in the works to be fixed?

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