Master Fencer Recipe

Hello Siptarians

I have been doing vaults for a long time but have yet to come across a recipe for the Master Fencer feat for weapon modifications.

Am I looking in the wrong place? Has anyone found that feat recipe somewhere else?

Nope, you are not looking at the wrong place. It is just very hard obtaining this feat on IoS as it is locked behind heavy RNG. Many of us wanted to make this feat more accessible on IoS but it appears that Funcom wants to keep some feats hard to get for when the server transfers are introduced :woman_shrugging:

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Ok thanks…bummer but it is what it is I guess.

Good tip thank you

To expand on this, Tcho Tcho, Shaggi, and Husk figurines give the best return for the effort. Each one spawns 5 mobs and each one will drop a schematic fragment. So one recipe per figurine. Silent legion figurine is another notable mention, though its only 3 mobs and I can’t recall if they have a 100% drop chance for schematic fragments.

I’d also agree this is probably the best option unless you just enjoy running vaults. The chance for a recipe to even drop in the sigil chest is far too low. I run the spider vault frequently for thrall exp and ichor, and I can’t even attempt to give you a % drop on them because its so low.

Thank you!

FYI, The Fencer Weapon Fitting is likely not the best choice for weapon damage. It only increases damage on ‘light’ attacks and actually decreases damage on heavy attacks despite showing a higher damage number on the weapon itself. The better choice is probably the Master Weapon Fitting, which increases both light and heavy attack damage as well as armor penetration. However, you will still need to find the elusive Grandmaster Weaponsmith scroll to use either. Happy hunting. :beer:

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Good for katanas and short swords!
I always put this on them, because katanas use light attsck, and short swords have a special combo with 1 heavy and 5 quick light (and if I’m correct, light and heavy attacks deal the same damage on short swords).

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