Master of the trials not achievable?


me and some other players are trying to get he master of the trials achievement done. However I’ve been told it’s not possible because Caravans has been bugged for some time now, preventing people from completing the dungeon.

Does anyone know of a work around or a way clear the instance regardless?

youll likely need sacrificial daggers

You can, caravans was always bugged and never counted towards the master of the trials

Hm, I know you have the achievement so I trust your word, but there is time trial achievement for Caravans. You are sure it doesn’t count towards it? The Master achievement just says all dungeons with time trials.

the master achievement asks for “a master trial time in every trial enabled dungeon”. so a boss timer may be enough. and it can be the explanation why you can get the titles before getting all timers.

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See that’s what confused me, the achievement says all dungeons with timers. Caravans has a timer, that’s why I figured it would count. And I’ve had people tell me because the last fight bugs the boss timer never stops.

Iam looking to start learning caravan on tank (for demi god cape) but have been told you can not spawn him because it’s bugged is this true ?

Well, no. A boss timer is certainly not enough :stuck_out_tongue:

I can confirm Mori’s words. You don’t need caravans for the achivement. I believe this is just an oversight and they forgot to add Caravans as a requirement for this achivement.

anyway it’s probably rare to achieve the dungeon timer without doing the bosses ones on the way !

You can, but it requires some “workaround”… :roll_eyes:

The trick is to have a way for the the player that collects all the debuffs to kill himself and respawn inside the dungeon. The rest of the group can exit and reenter. :wink:

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So the group loose the debuff and the one with the mark of the blood god can click statue ? Thanks yawg


Just jump through the stupid wall, it takes like 10 minutes of practice to figure it out.

That wouldn’t solve the inherent issue of the timer never ending. However Fass and Mori both stated it’s not needed to do Caravans for the achievement so we won’t even bother with this dungeon.

Hope u have fun, only fun activity ingame left chasing those timers!

Yeah , we knocked out 5 of the easier ones in one night, let’s see how many we can get this weekend :smiley:

I’m fairly sure that jumping through does let the timer finish - a few of us did the master timer in there some months back at it worked as planned