Max number of slots for renting a server

Newbie here. I’m reading that you can rent a server for up to 70 slots but when looking at the lists of servers it shows a max of 40. Is this the difference between official and private servers? Can someone please explain?

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I’m fairly certian gportal will allow up to 70 per server. Other server hosts may have different player caps tho

Officials are maxed at 40 per server

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Official servers are at max 40/40 cause g-portal struggles even with 40 - going for 50 or more would have even worse performance.

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As others said, the officials were set at 40. The game is designed around 40. The difference between officials and private is obviously you’re running the server when you rent a server.

Now here’s the thing. I see you have the xbox tag in the thread. Which I assume means you are NOT on PC. That’s going to change some things from a practical standpoint.

If you’re on PC, you have an unlimited amount of providers to choose from. Can even use your own machine for hosting (and thus its free). On PC you can have 40, 70, 80, 90, 200, or any amount of player limit only limited by the bandwidth of the server and its hardware. Some PC servers run with 20+ mods and 70-80 players and while performance is degraded, still run better than the average official server.

Since you’re on Xbox, you can only run a server from G-portal (they have exclusivity to consoles). So while they state they can do up to 70, and officials run at 40. In reality 20-25 is the upper limit. 30 is playable, but with heavily degraded performance.

If they’re offering 70, then its a scam. Like legit a scam. They barely can support 40. I guess they get away with offering a server that has 70 slots, but no guarantee it will work. Like I’m almost certain not only would the performance get worse past 40, but likely would start crashing.


That may be, but in practice most officials struggle when player counts creep over 15 or so, so AI stops working and various features work intermittently at best.




@lovemymocha welcome to the forum first of all. If you think to rent a server start with 20 positions! Upgrade your server is very easy, but populate it is another story. It’s surely that 40 positions on a fresh private server with 2 restarts per day, will perform way better than the old official servers with one restart per day! It’s not so easy to populate a server, it’s really hard actually, so don’t waste money from the very beginning, make baby steps!

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Yep and remember that player slots are concurrent players, not total. So a 20-slot player could easily have 100+ total players depending on activity, time zones etc.

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In pve / pve-c i agree but in pvp with open raid windows its different story…
On that raid window all players should be on otherwise people will have easy raid.

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Private servers can activate dynamic building! In my times that this option didn’t exist, it was a mandatory before we raid to send a photo with the player list to the admin that it had at least one active player before we start raid! If a clan didn’t send this photo then they had penalties and sometimes ban!
Most of the servers i played was 24/7 pvp, it was rough :wink:.

To be (somewhat) charitable, I think the max is just that; a max. As has been said, a cap of 40 on officials may be comfortable at 25 people, but I would imagine when you rent one for 70, you can support a more comfortable number of people. The reason I say that is, I think what that number represents to g-portal is a relative number of fixed resources since the machines they use run multiple server instances per machine. So when you sign up for more slots, you are reserving more computing horsepower (okay, maybe lame pony power, but you get my meaning). In that context, I would get a number of slots that exceeded what you hoped to have on the server. The above discussion for example, if you only wanted 20 slots which I think I had on ps4 way back when, you might be tempted to get more slots than that. I think there is a minimum slots anyway for console and it may be 20. If you start low, you will undoubtedly have no problem adding more slots later, but if you start high, reducing your deal with g-portal may not end so well…

Anyway, those are my suppositions.

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