Minimum slots on server

I’ve tried looking online, but both forums are kinda hard to navigate (what with the multiple languages) so I’m just going to post this here.

I’m wondering when they decided to limit servers to 20 slots only. I was thinking of getting my server back again, but nearly £20 just for three or four players who will actually play is a bit too much when only a few months ago we were paying only £10 for a 10-slot server.

Which platform? G-portal / GTX gaming both offer 10 slot servers however I think the minimum for consoles is 20 for pretty much all hosting providers.

It was 20 when I started my ps4 server over a year ago. Gportal.

Gportal have 10 slot servers on ps4. I was looking today and there’s one in my region that has 10 and it’s a gportal server. I have a picture I took because I’ve contacted gportal about it but I can’t post pictures here yet as I just joined yesterday. Slightly disheartening to see some people are clearly allowed to do it but not myself.

See, it won’t let me do less than 20 on Gportal, so I just bit the bullet and paid for 20.

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