Xbox Server Rentals at Capacity?

Are server rentals on Xbox really at capacity for US East and US West, or is this some kind of maintenance issue?

I’m very interested in renting a server but it hasn’t been possible for the last 2 days.

Is there any information available?

I just tried to rent a server for xbox on the USA west and it to says that they are at capacity so my question is what’s the point of being able to rent a server if you can’t even get one to enjoy with your friends

Its doesn’t seem like a bug or maintenance issue it’s basically they somehow ran out of space for people to rent servers which I’ve never heard before ever happening on any game that lets you rent servers

Seems impossible to actually be completely full a week before the official release. There has to be some kind of issue I just can’t find any info on it.

It says all the Xbox servers are completely full and you are unable to make a server. I went directly to g-portal and they confirmed the only way to make a server on xbox is directly through the game. So my question is this, y’all launch in 8 days and I’ve owned the game from day one and now I can’t make a server… How are you gonna fix this and how long will it take? Tbh being unable to make a server 8 days before launch… Kinda not cool.

I’ve been looking to rent a server for xbx since before release and there is stIill no information coming up in the game menu on xbox one. I checked the G portal and there are only options for PC and PS4. Are you even able to rent xbox servers? Can someone give me an answer? I can’t find any information on this anywhere.

I was curious about it to and it took me awhile but they don’t have any more servers for rent… They either need to add more or find another site to host servers.