Making a PC Server for XBox

Hi guys, not sure if this is the right forum thread here, but just wondering if there’s any possible way to make PC Server for XBox players.

Recently, I just bought a PC that’s almost $2K cause everyone I talked to in person said it was doable and possible.

Forward to a month now and I finally got my computer (again, at almost $2K), I ask said guys how to do this and they said that they didn’t know and to just ask around.

Anyways, is there anyway whatsoever to make a server on my brand new PC for XBox or am I gonna have to b**w someone from the local computer store to TRY and get a refund?

Welcome to the Forum @JBK816 , I don’t believe it can be done do to proprietary information both Sony and Microsoft uses. Unless something has changed very recently.

Game pass with a g portal server maybe

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This. When my husband was on pc it was through game pass and the cloud.

How would I go about setting up my PC as a G-Portal server?

I’ve optimized it as a server, but what would I have to do to make it a G-Portal server?

I know you can rent G-Portal servers, but then that would make my purchase of the computer/server pointless, I’m trying to have my own server that I bought instead of rent every month.