MEGAversary 3 - The Animated Angst ARG Continuation

The Animated Angst ARG will be continuing in MEGAversary 3 A Very MEGA Sequel. This has been running since the inception of the MEGAversary and is a chance for you to complete and get some serious prizes!

Here is a link to the progress so far:

Prizes for the Animated Angst are:

1st Prize: Secret War - Neutral Outfit, 10 RED Kaidan Keys, 1 Signet of Cruel Delight
2nd Prize: 10 Gold Kaidan Keys, Orochi Scorpius Mini Pet, 1 Frost Bound Blade of Efficiency MKIII Epic
3rd Prize: 30 Purple Kaidan Keys, 1 Devastating Glyph, Rocketeers Pack

The may be some adjustments.

If you want to tax your brains give it a go! You never know what the flow will show :slight_smile: