MEGAversary 3 Overall Prize Winners Draw

Not only are we going to give out special prizes for almost all of the events, we will enter the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize winners into an overall pool and draw from those a MEGA winner! That person will recieve a very special prize on top of their event winnings!

Prizes for the Overall Winners Contest are:

1st Prize: Dawn of a New Age Robe, 20 RED Kaidan Keys
2nd Prize: Albino Draug Lord Puppy, 10 Gold Kaidan Keys, Cultists Robe Red and Black
3rd Prize: Cultists Robe Red and Black, 30 Purple Kaidan Keys

The may be some adjustments.

The draw will be held when all the winners are in on 15th July or there abouts.


YOUPI ! Long live the winners !

Youpi ! Vive les gagnants