SHAMBALA *MEGAversary Edition* Summary and Prize List

What a time that was! Let me start off by apologizing for missing the final couple hours of the event. I did however get name lists for each hour I was absent and a special thanks to TS-13 for that!

The event went even longer then anticipated with matches continued until ~04:00am EDT from what I was told. An estimated total of over 300 Matches were fought through the day and what was most impressive was that there was no downtime for the entire duration of the event. There was a peak count of 90 players in the PvP channel alone and a total of 384 Purple, 96 Yellow and 48 Red Keys were drawn for over the entire event. This event really went beyond anything I expected it to be and that is all thanks to this community!

I would like to also give a special thanks to @AndyB for being there to both kick off the event and give it a very memorable finish. That was an amazing display of support for this community and by the looks of things Andy had a blast as well :slight_smile:

Also a shout out to Trindade for his generous donation of 3 Which Doctor Cache weapons for the closing event final draws. And several people who donated Kaidan Container Keys to the prize pool.

Another special thanks to many of you that stuck around for the entire event! (Even longer then me…) That was a long time to be doing Shambala back to back. But it made that day one of the most memorable experiences Ive had in SWL thus far.

Lastly below you will find a list of all remaining key winners as well as the final list for all 8 of the New Years Dragon Faction Pet winners and the Witch Doctor Weapons donated by Trindade

16x Purple Kaiden Container Keys:
Duvelke. Birnbaum, Athalme, Tyshi, Ipostasias, Rescorla, Doc-Savage, Zietergeist, QuantumSplat, CritInMypants, Jitsuzon

4x Yellow Kaiden Container Keys:
Streverke, Caius, Talisalt, Drinead, Hush-BB, HSSL, Iskri, Haumie, Heks, MurderousMe, SimonD, Khuna

2x Red Kaiden Container Keys:
Pocketford, Bux, Kapitalist, GrimCharles, Gangsta-Kitten, Corinthian, Liliat, Acid-Magnet, Antomas, Mesoparbie

Witch Doctor Cache Weapons:
1.) Bumblebeard Donated to Next Event
2.) TinyGladiator Received Witch-Doctor Blood Focus
3.) Alexiere Received Witch Doctor Assault Rifle

Faction Coloured New Years Dragons! (All should have received by now)
1.) Goonshine
2.) TheJames
3.) Sea-Ess
4.) Delirium-42
5.) shahs50
6.) IFO
7.) CrodoBaggins
8.) Leogrim

Regarding the prizes, KEYS will be available for ONE WEEK. Ill try to find people in game but its easier if you pm me in game or initiate a trade. After one week the keys will return to a prize pool for the next Shambala Event.

Pets will be delivered in game. I will forward the winners to the Devs and they will deal with it from there. Feel free to message me if there are any issues with receiving them though.

Lastly the Witch Doctor Cache weapons will be given out in the order in which the names were drawn. This is to hopefully give the winners a weapon that they are more likely to use. I will contact you in game with the available choices.

As per usual please feel free to add any pvp related suggestions and topics to discuss @ The future of PvP in SWL


I don’t think my mind or body are ready for 24 hours of Shambala, but I am beyond excited. This is going to be amazing.


This is going to be amazing! Though after that opening sentence, I now have this in my head…

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A Templar Born was Born ready , i will be there.

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I had to scroll down WAY too far to find this post. Only a week away folks! I expect at least a couple of you to be there for the full 24hours! Ill need someone to talk crazy to after 17 cups of coffee.


I’m hoping to be there for the whole 24 hours, minus a few small breaks here and there to eat or do jobs around the house. I’ll be spending next week sleeping in preparation.

I won’t be there for 24, but I’ll be there a few at least!

I try to be active the event as much as possible and improve my rating…can’t be legendary without writing a legend of carnage, right?

Gonna try to get a reward breakdown posted later tonight. As it stand it will be hourly draws perhaps more then one. Will be also confirming how many faction dragons I can get from Andy. Stay tuned!

we can’t party up? :frowning:

I think unfortunately Shambala requires a sole que though ironically I havnt tried to que while in a group. I do know for sure that you can’t enter as a group on the same team though as teams are always randomized

On that note though I will be seeing about arranging a discord channel for use during the event.

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Lunas wil be there at various points throughout the day.
Im really, really bad at pvp…

So come Kill me :slight_smile:

Pro tip when your bad at PvP, just make the most annoying build you can think of and pick on healers!

Hmm interesting. What’s the range on healing abilities? Because I have an idea for a build/combo that would mess with their healing.

So a couple updates:

There will be a DJ playing laying some sick beats down during the event.

A couple discord will be posted for use. One will be UnleasheD discord where there wil be 3 channels available. Sun team Moon team and a general channel.
The DJ will also have a discord channel available for music suggests and general hangout.

Rewards will be drawn for hourly. 8 faction specific dragons have been donated by Funcom and will be drawn for every 3 hours. Hourly rewards will mostly be Kaiden container keys probably multiple draws each hour for 10 purple keys or 5 yellow or 2 red. Will decide later how to spread out the ones I have saved over the entire event.

Original post will be updated later tonight after I get home from work with discord links and such but this is the general up to date info I have for now.


Only one day to go! I hope everyone stocked up on coffee and got plenty of sleep during the week.

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Sleeping 6 hours before it starts. Will be the first time I’ve gone to bed that early in months lol wish me luck!


My character is ready to kick some templar and lumie chars


Starting in 1.5 Hours!