SHAMBALA *MEGAversary Edition* Summary and Prize List

2 minute warning!

I just got killed so hard my PC crashed :laughing:


I hope it was me who got that kill. One step closer to the achievement.


You bet it was :smiley:


@Drenneth pls wake up


24 hours of Shambala is over, and I somehow made it to the end! Thank you Drenneth for organising all this, and all the work you do to keep PvP going. The whole event was a blast from start to finish, and everyone who took part made it truly memorable.
I didn’t participate much in voice chat, but listening to everyone kept me sane, and laughing the whole way through.

Thanks also to @AndyB for making the start and end of the event so crazy, with attack helicopters, and megabosses.

My final total was around 250 matches


I only had time for a handful of matches (and I was so bad at them!), but I did enjoy myself. Plus it was my first foray into PvP, and something I’ll probably do again, so…mission accomplished in that regard.

Thanks to Drenneth and everyone who helped make it possible.


I want to chime in and add my thanks to @Drenneth and all those who participated. I stay out of PvP in most MMOs I play; in fact, the last time I went head to head with other players was during a few abortive trips to Cyrodiil in pre-One Tamriel ESO (back in 2015). It normally takes a lot to get me onto the battleground.

And yet today I ended up running over 30 matches, nailing over 60 folks, and even landing the Flawless Victory cheevo. It was far, far more fun than I thought, and I look forward to partaking of it regularly moving forward.

Shout-out to Flimpi, my first-ever SWL PvP kill, SimonD, who got me brilliantly in one match with a ninja knockback into the wind, and whichever GM dropped this epic knockdown factory on us:


Thanks you, @Drenneth! It was a blast!

We should all totally do it again sometime soon. :grin:


Had so much fun yesterday. Even if now I feel like I got hit with a crowbar. So many Shambala matchesbut each one somuch fun. Looking forwardto the next Shambala event.


This was a fun event! Had a lot of great matches and the best wtf moment with Andy showing up taking out half our team within seconds and getting one shotted! :smirk:

Thanks Drenneth for all your time and effort you put into this and everyone else who participated! :blush:


Thank you everyone! Drenneth, you are crazy for staying up so long and I appreciate it immensely. Made some new friends, died a lot, had a great time <3 Andy, thanks for spicing it up! :smile: I want to do this all the time!!! Dren, please be alive!!!


Thank-you EVERYONE for what was the most successful Shambala event I have held thus far. Would not be possible without the amazing support from this community. Some of you probably know I fell asleep during the last couple hours which i truly apologize for and wish i hadn’t missed all the excitement that unfolded. I was up for about 40 hours total prior though and had more fun in this event then I have had since I started playing SWL.

On a more serious note, I do have /chat list pvp name lists for the remaining couple hours sent to me by TS-13 (MANY MANY THANKS FOR THIS). and I will be publishing a final event summary with all the unannounced winners later today! So keep an eye on the forums and spread the word!


Glad to see you’re ok! I was a little worried when I woke up and hadn’t seen any posts, or news. That final stretch was hard, I don’t blame you for falling asleep.

Looking forward to the next event now!


We all were worried about you. Even this morning in chat. Glad you’re still with us. :slight_smile:


But truly, we are all winners. <3


Here’s my birds eye view after losing connection in Shambala. I could look around freely in this view, and you can just make out the lightning on my hands from elementalism, and bees around my invisible head for some reason.

Also sharing the scoreboard from my final match of the event (I did one more after, but it was gone 2am). It was a good end to the event for me.


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I just wanted to say that I had an amazing time! Thanks to everyone who made it fun. No thanks to Rainbow Bright. Seriously.

i can’t wait to do something like this again!



Murder time, fun time: