MEGAVersary 4 Fancy Dress Party & Closing Radio Show w/ Alysande & HTR 4 July 6 PM EDT

Join DJ Alysande and Happy Tentacle Radio live at the Albion in Ealdwic for the closing radio show for The Secret World’s fourth MEGAversary event, and a fancy dress contest!

Sunday 4 July
6 - 10 PM EDT (22:00 UTC/ 12 AM CEST)
Albion - Ealdwic

Dress in your coolest costume to compete for some fantastic prizes, and enjoy the amazing music of DJ Aly.


Added your event to our 9S Calendar, hope that is ok! :slight_smile:
(Think your UTC starting time is wrong here though in your image by 1 hour - please check it on the rare chance I am right !! Time Zone Converter – Time Difference Calculator)


Thank you! And I’ll double check that!

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Last in game community organised event, please join Happy Tentacle Radio in the Albion Theatre today. Prizes for fancy dress and winners of 1st, 2nd and 3rd will be included in the overall Mega4 prize raffle


Awesome turnout for the closing show of Megaversary 4 organised and hosted by Happy Tentacle Radio.

The judges Alysande, Reaper, and Drina decided the winners were:
1st Eosphorus
2nd Arnbjorn
3rd Vomher