Memorials: Crosses, tombstones, etc

Would be nice for role playe or for significant markers of great battles.
A way to honor both npc and players in game who has passed.

Wooden cross, stone tombstones, maybe a memorial wall.


I believe a grave marker is now left upon dying. I think it was in a recent update.

I ment as a structure. Permanent, craft able, visable.

Could work.

You could throw in mausoleum pieces. Door, walls, metal fencing walls around it. A bier for a table. Nooks in the walls, meant for corpses, but used for placeables. To make a cemetery base camp.

Gravestones, more so if they could exude a mild fog to add that creepy graveyard ambiance.

Do several different markers, to reminisce the different playable cultures.


it would be nice to make a memorial like a weapon display racks… make you able to display a weapon and write on it like a sign… just my opinion

I get where you are coming from. The weapon similar to one the fallen used in life. Maybe even their own weapon. More of a statement that way, over a generic memorial.

By Almighty Derketo, yes yes yes!! :joy:

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