Tombstones Should Eventually Dissappear From Map


It would be nice if the tombstones on the map dissappear after the body disappears. I have no use for a tombstone marker with no body.


Now that you say it, would be nice if after a player body disappeared, a tombstone with his name spawned in the place and it could be moved or destroyed, Id like to make a cemetery with my enemies names on it.


Wormslike eh ? I like the idea, but a bag of bones could be better tmo
Or a bedroll ? The irony could be divine x)


This is a known issue, they are supposed to be gone after your body disappears. Dying again, and restarting the client has solved the issue for me. Maybe someone else knows more about it and other steps you can take. But what you are describing is not the intended implementation of that marker system.


I’d love to see a bloodied skeleton, personally. Picked away by the desert sands and vultures.

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