Tombestones Instead of Player Corpses

Some times when you die, your body ends up half disappearing or it’s there but you can’t seem to get it, and you usually have to keep hitting E on your keyboard to find the right sweet spot to gather your equipment from your corpse, but I was wondering if you could implement a Tombstone instead of the players body. This way you don’t have to fiddle with angles or anything like that. Just hit E on the Tombstone and it opens up the inventory with your stuff in it where you died.

Just a thought I had, let me know what some of you think.

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I am used to using the workaround: relogging. Though if server is full, or one got whatever reason to not relog… I would guess we should wait what the 500 fixes patch will bring us.
Also I dont think a tombstone would be different than the playerbody. Only if the devs tore the map into tiny pieces, giving each piece one tombstone place. Might end up bad in pvp though…

Yeah, I am also waiting on the 500 patch as well. Hopefully it fixes the issues with bodies disappearing and stuff like that. I lost a couple of bodies and exiting and logging back into the server some times didn’t work.

It’s finicky some times.

Maybe then they could give it a decay timer 2 hours or something. Instead of the 5 minutes or so we get now.

I’ve just made a decision to not die until it gets fixed.
Its not really working for me.

I hear you. It’s very finicky when it wants to work for me, hopefully they can fix it.