Metal hellsinger blackscreen whenever i try to start game

hello, the reason for making this topic is due to a strange issue im having with Metal Hellsinger , whenever i try to start Metal Hellsinger, the game starts but its just stuck in a black screen, task manager says the game is responding but nothing appears.
If anyone knows the fix for this, please answer.

Greetings from Hell!

Thank you for your report. Can you also share with us from which store or platform did you purchase your copy? (Steam, EGS, Microsoft store, Xbox, PSN)

Also, do you have any mods installed?

If PC, can you share your logs with us for further investigation?
You can find them by following:

We await your reply. :metal:

the issue has been resolved, the issue was that DIRECTX wasnt installed properly.

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Thank you for letting us know!

Have an amazing weekend! :metal:

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