Metal: Hellsinger VR immediately crashes on startup

Game version: Metal: Hellsinger VR (can’t find build id, sorry, whatever is up rn)
Type of issue: Crash
Mods: No

Bug Description:
(I posted on Metal: Hellsinger VR Steam Community Discussions [won’t let me link it tho], then I joined the discord, and it said on the discord to post here, so here it is here too! I can’t see a VR-specific forum here, sorry if I’m putting stuff in the wrong place. Kindof sorry for posting in too places, I’m not impatient, just excited:).

When I try and run it, it very briefly (like I had to screencap it to even see it) pops up a unity crash window (no text, just the logo and a progress bar along the bottom) & then exits.
I can’t find a crash log in
C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\TheOutsiders\ (no “TheOutsiders” folder),
No “metal” subfolder under C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\ at all, no .log file in the install folder or subfolders that I can find.
I have Win 10 i7-4790k, 16 GB RAM, GTX 1060 6GB, SSD, which I think exceeds the recommended CPU/RAM requirements & meets minimum GPU. I’ve got an original VIVE. My VR stuff works generally, e.g., I can run Beat Saber & my own OpenXR game.
Same if I run from desktop, or from within Steam VR. Doesn’t seem to run from VR Home at all.
I have it installed on D drive with all of my other games, surely that’s not the issue:)
I’m not running any 3rd-party antivirus & I don’t feel like I’ve done anything peculiar:)

I can’t find the crash logs, but maybe they’re somewhere weird, I can find them if you let me know where else ot look.

Steps to Reproduce:
Running the game any of these ways causes the crash:
Run the game from Steam (Steam VR not running);
Run the game from Steam (Steam VR running, but not home room);
Run the game from Steam (Steam VR home running);
I’m not able to run from Steam VR home as far as I can see.