Minor Infinite Stamina Drain Sprint

I noticed the issue when playing online.

Sprinting consumes stamina. When you use up all of your stamina the screen color shifts you can’t move at full speed until your stamina refills. Once your stamina refills you should be able to move at full speed again.

When your stamina bar fills, it just starts immediately draining again. Your screen’s color does not return to normal, and you don’t begin sprinting even though your bar is draining as if you are sprinting.

You can deal with it by stopping for a few seconds or tapping the sprint toggle. It is an intermittent issue and does not occur every time.

Hello @Aria_of_Sorrow, thank you for your submission!

This seems like an issue that’s being caused by lag, does it occur in every server or a specific one?
Also, which server are you playing in?

This is issue has been ongoing since I started a year ago. I have posted about it previously.

It is not a consistent issue, but it is common. I would say it seems to be happening more often since the last update. I will get some video next time.

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It happens on any server I play on, but like speedice said, I have been noticing it more since the last patch.

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