Running and stamina issues

Basic Info:
Platform: PlayStation 5 (Digital Edition)
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: =SERVER TYPE=
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: =SERVER NAME=

Bug Description:
Running and stamina consumption is chaotic now. When you try to sprint about 50% of the time, your stamina goes down but your speed is the same as it was without it. Only after you switch weapons or allow the falling physics to apply (jumping or just running off small edges) will the sprinting trigger. However the speed remains when you go back to normal running but without the stamina loss. It’s very strange and difficult to adjust to. I feel it will get exploited in pvp. Please note I have not tested this with the agility 15 perk but it is in all officials server types on ps and solo play

Bug Reproduction:
See above

I’m confused why this was moved to feedback.

Was this the design that the stamina drain and speed are variable when sprinting?

Yeah, that does sound like a bug. To clarify, you’ve tried this on Single-Player too, right?
I haven’t encountered this bug on PC Single-Player, but both my characters (EL and Siptah) have the Agility 15 perk, so there are multiple variables that aren’t matching with your description.

Yeah and what’s strange is that it’s not consistent. I have days where it’s not an issue and then a couple where it is. At first I thought it was connection issues till it was going on In single player as well. The only thing that is popping iny head is that updates to the system maybe draining client resources but updates are just part of ps life. If that is the cause, it’s still something that needs to be looked into because we buy consoles over PCs to not deal with this sort of stuff.

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