Missing birds and Feathers in the Jungle

Still running 2.5 hours from north to south and from east to west, but not only 1 feather. Before the last patch it was much easier to craft arrows.

Sorry guys, this is crap. Should be not more animals like birds in a jungle? Id like to play as a Ranger with a bow, but without arrows you are a really poor guy.

So I paused the Game for mow :frowning: but I want to continue playing, because the rest of the Game is awesome :slight_smile:

What jungle?! It isn’t released yet. You can get feathers from ostriches.

Go east in the desert where the ostriches are, you can get a lot of feathers.

Hello Grummel,

In my book, a ranger does not give up so readily, but rather thrives on exploration, learning every nuance of the lay of the land, what dangers and resources there are, whom to protect and from what or whom to protect them; he or she is proud to excel at the expert use and maintenance of all the tools of his or her trade even when that requires traveling the lonely road a bit longer.

With this in mind and upon learning that my arrows now logically needed to be fletched with feathers before I ever left the Broken Highway of the deep desert, I looked up for any sign of flying, thus feathered creatures. And having spotted vultures circling in the hazy distance, perhaps even some of the very same wretched things that had tormented me upon that forsaken cross, I set forth.

With naught but my grim determination, a rudimentary stone pick and weathered waterskin at my twisted twine belt, the latter containing but a few hot, stale dregs of its sustenance; the detritus from a handful of insects between my teeth and a bit of hastily woven coarse threaded rags to protect my skin, I made my way, one slow step at a time through the burning sands, all while the unforgiving rays of that treacherous sun hammered upon me in relentless waves.

I met the base of the rocky cliffs and peaks that divide the broken ruins of those desolate sands from the very outskirts of the life giving river valley and I glared balefully while growling my defiance! And I climbed. Every loose handhold and each rough foothold more precarious than the last; my breaths coming in ragged gasps and my stamina all but spent. What a pitiful husk I would have seemed to the proud man I was once.

I grunted through gritted teeth and persevered, matted hair, bruised limbs and broken nails my only companions, but by Crom, I made it! And upon reaching the coveted high places, I was rewarded with the sight of abandoned nests brimming with the glorious gold of my trade; fine black feathers.


maybe the area with Palms, water and crocodiles?

The bird demons east of the forest area in the caves of the mountains drop a bunch too.


Yep and those “bird demons” are relatively easy to get to up north (now that I know they exist). In addition to what they drop when killed and harvested, there are a decent few nests within their dark caves. Just make sure to bring a good torch! I’m not sure what level range and how easy to kill as I was already in my low forties when I first accidentally found them.

However, as I alluded to in my previous post, I had absolutely no trouble spending an hour or two when I first started the playthrough farming feathers from nests atop rocky plateaus along the southern border of the “newb area” to make more than enough arrows to last me to level 20 and snake arrows. I totally bypassed iron arrows as I always do.

I’ve not done it personally, but it seems switching to bone arrows that do not require feathers for early levels would be relatively easy to maintain as well. I’ll try it on this new playthrough I’m about to begin.

Its plenty in the birds nests to.

I head to the Set trainer and pick up the religion to start crafting snake arrows for only the cost of transmuting branches at a carpentry bench.