Feathers where?

Hi All,
Where the heck are they.
Some one posted in middle of Desert,been running from priest king retreat to southern aqua duct and nothing.

On birds. Try killing and harvesting the ostriches. Check their nests. Take aim at a vulture from afar and shoot it (javelin and bone arrow need no feathers)

Go seek out the Children of Jhil. They seem nice.


I know that!!!
Where are the Birds is what I want to know!!!
In what are of the Map.
Thanks for you answer :wink:

I keep seeing ostrich near dafari areas. Just north.of the dregs and west of the summoning place.

Happy hunting

If I knew where they are on the map I would go there.
Thanks for your time :wink:

I found birds like vultures sitting on nests on plateaus along the beginner river. Chase them away or kill them the nests are full of feathers.

Well thank you for your time:wink:

I hope this helps,also take a skinning knife to any ortriches you kill

Lots of vultures south of the Set city. Near Rhinohorn ridge, look for what looks like a broken mine with silver nodes outside. High up on cliffs.
Use a skinning know on the birds.

Ok Thanks All for help

Can you see the birds flying around their nests?

Finally got some,Just not worth the BS to get them
Thanks Again