Whre are the ostriches?


I searched the forum for ostriches and it gives me a post a guy replied in a bug report section about there not being any. What happened to them? have they been removed? You need feathers to make iron head arrows. and so you figure ostriches have feathers right? So where are they?


Darfari have ostrich farms… you can also get feathers from the vultures and their nests


By the summoning place.


What is and where is the summoning place? and Where are the Defari farms?


Around the dead center of the desert is a big summoning place full of Darfari. I forget it’s actual name, but it’s a big ruin that once you enter it, everything starts to get dark like it’s corrupted. It’s the area where you learn how to make Darfari skull spikes, cooking recipes, and the best place to find Yog priests. If you’re new to the game, don’t worry, you’ll recognize it once you see it.

All around that area will be birds. So many birds, in fact, that you may be knocked down left and right with their stupid bird attacks. Good luck. XD


I call that the Yog Temple


Yeah, my wife and I usually do, too, but we should probably learn it’s proper name. lol


I believe the actual name is in fact The Summoning Place


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