Archery 🎯 suggestion

I know archery is getting some upcoming love and I know it will be great.

I have only one suggestion. Allow fire arrows to set the grease spot on fire when hit by the arrow.

With luck this has already been considered but if not please think about it.


Other suggestions for making Archers better:

Increase the amount of push back from their defensive kick(And make their defensive kick rooted in one spot so they don’t accidentally fling them-self off the wall or cliff that they’re trying to push an enemy off from.)

Perhaps have agility affect the speed of light attacks(So higher agility means your weak attacks are faster, where strength makes your heavy attacks hit harder.)

Feathers need to be easier to find/get. Archers attacks are limited by the number of arrows they have, and the difficulty of getting/farming feathers is the main reason most just use the snake or bone arrows…)

With max archery head-shots should one shot.(But only on enemies who lack proper head protection in the form of a helmet, in the case of a helmet the head shot just damages the helmet instead of the player.) This would make helmets and shields very important to fighting archers.(As shields could prevent head shots entirely, and helmets would offer an extra layer of protection should a head shot occur.)

Feathers are abundant.
Just go to the jungle and kill some oversized parrots they are everywhere. Skin them and I swear after killing some you will have stacks of feathers. (OFC use a tool upgraded higher tier skinning knife for better results)

Also in desert there is an ostrich farm. and a bunch of nests all around the map in high places.
And some smaller birds too, which you can kill.
Harpies also give you feathers.

So there is no shortage if feathers at all after you know where to look for it.

I made pillows from them so I need much more than an archer. :smiley:
And because archery suxxx in this game as of now. Just don’t bother at all till they give it a damage boost and give bach the control for the archer.

Only place you ever need to shoot some is the dregs.

Look at this from a newbie perspective, where the birds that you just described are scary(and you get recipes calling for feathers before you’re leveled enough to actually kill these things, and forget about it if you want to kill these things with a bow and arrow and expect to get back more feathers than would be used replacing the arrows used to kill them.) In my opinion getting feathers should be as easy as getting hides… You shouldn’t have to know where to look because there should be birds everywhere.(As it stands everyone just uses snake arrows because they’re the most effective of the easy to find material arrows.


They already mentioned they are working on that, in their archery update post. They also are expanding on types of utility arrows and orb effects to have some method of combo effects. Maybe not all, idk details yet but it’s been mentioned by Funcom very recently.

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you dont know it yet, but it will be garbage… all that special ammunition… /spit…

I get your point. I havent played much with bows as well. Only when starting on a server, settling near black galleon, grabbing some archer and enslave him and finally use his his bow combined with set arrows until I hit eighter ~30 or even 42.

However. When I read about the new arrows I was starting to doubt if that will be such a good idea.
I guess everyone knows, how any aoe thing can be stacked.

Now think about those arrows again…

I really hope Funcom eighter gets all aoes to not stack anymore.