Missing Brazilian Portuguese translations and missing scourgestone piece

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue Misc
Server type: PvP
Region: Latin America 1985

Just what the title says. Many names are in english and the scourgestone piece of jamil’s rescue still missing after derketo dlc patch

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I think at least the missing scourgestone piece should be fixed

Hey @thesimon2

We’ll relay this information to our localization team.
Thanks for the feedback.


Can also confirm. You dont get scourgestone piece at Buccanear bay…

Russian localization also missing

*Portuguese language of Brazil.

Is it possible to correct the pronunciation error (Amzadi the Wanderer) ?.
Wrong: (Amzadi, O Andarilho),
Correct: (Amzadi, A Andarilha).

*There are some errors like this where it is ignored or the gender of the character.

There are many missing translations

The kol true strike is a named thrall without translation for example.

I found many with missing translations, but can’t remember all. They had their names in Brazilian Portuguese before the update.

Also, the dead bodies were in english even before the update

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Animal tamers are missing translation too.

What did happen? The update removed many localizations and even monsters loot

And, again, the scourgestone piece that is really game breaking for ppl who want to finish the game.

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