Missing Fur on Cimmerian Fur Armor

Hello, Fellow Exiles, and Dev Team,

First-time poster, long-time reader. I have read the rules for posting, and hopefully, I am doing this correctly. If not please advise how I should alter my post/process in the future. I did notice this topic was raised in Dec’18 as a bug (link to the original post by [BradMunkey] Here) - I started playing in Mar’20, at which time the fur texture was added back onto the armor. Since it seemingly got results I am posting this again in the Bugs section, though it seems to me it may be a suggestion at this point? or both?

Anyhow, now that it’s gone missing again, I figured I would resurrect the topic, in the hopes that the fur shoulders could be added back in, as they added a cool aesthetic. Perhaps I am alone in this thinking, but I hope not. I play on a private server that runs no mods. Below the images are taken from screenshots/the wiki to help illustrate the missing texture. Perhaps if the community desires both sets, a Cimmerian Light Armor could be created sans fur shoulders. Just a thought.

Screenshot 2021-02-11 120010

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You are very attentive, how many played did not even notice this oversight

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Flawless never had a different in-game render than the standard epic version of any armor set. The differences were always in the stats. Cimmerian Steel certainly is a different set of armor than Cimmerian Fur but that’s not what Zombie noted, nor did he conflate the two.

The Cimmerian Fur was sans fur shoulders, then got fixed and has now reverted back to the peta friendly non-furry shoulders version. It’s a valid point and the set looks cooler with furry bits, imo.

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Is this armor different from the Cimmerian epic medium set?

Hey thanks! To be fair I don’t think many people make the cimmerian epic sets since the temperature system re-balance. But I sure do like the original look, and I’m curious as to why it’s broken.

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Ciero9, there is only an epic version of the Cimmerian Armors, Cimmerian Fur is the name of the Cimmerian Epic Medium armor, Cimmerian Steel is the name of the Cimmerian Epic Heavy. I noticed the set is missing the fur shoulders again, so I’m hoping we can get it added back in, not sure if it’s a missing texture bug or what.

I wasn’t sure if there was some legendary or secret recipe for an additional Cimmerian armor. There’s so much in the game that still haven’t seen.

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Yeah I recently created a piece of this armour and noticed the fur missing… so this is why I found this topic…

The missing fur bugs me a lot, I love to combine this top with some of my armours but it doesn’t look good without the fur.

The flawless version has fur… see images below:
Note: both armours are made by the same thrall…

We can’t create flawless anymore so this kinda sucks…


I use and like them, but mostly go for light and heavy, barely the medium one.
But yes, i remember, and often miss the much harsher temperatures we had a time, when the right armor was surviving or not.

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@Community Could you look into this, please? :cold_face:


I have a t4 blacksmith and she wears a furry cimmerian top.

Yeah, crafters aren’t affected, it’s just that players have completely lost the ability to obtain a wearable (either via drops or crafting) Cimmerian Fur Armour with the actual fur.

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Really wish they fix this

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Why the heck do they do this crap to us, like seriously it’s in game, taking it out like that is even more of a slap in the face to the community, it’s getting to the point that this game just takes takes takes from us players…

i mean funcom coulda been like

“hey here’s another cimmarian fur harness variant for our beloved fan base Sorry we forgot about it”

But instead it’s “let’s see if we can sneakishly get rid of the fur shoulder version without anyone noticing…”

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Seriously… all the flawless fur I had got reset to normal (without fur)…
And I wouldn’t complain if the new high quality craft had the fur but there still isn’t fur on the armour!!! (highest bench highest tier thrall)

Really… guys if you remove stuff at least fix the bug!!!
Sorry I’m fairly pissed off since I just lose items and items over and over again, enough is enough

If you remove something at least fix it!

Yes this is my rant, even I run out of patience…


I understand this content is probably not important enough on the priority list.

I know this is just a issue with the looks on the gear, not its function unless we want to blend in with the goats and the bears for camouflage.

I don’t know if this post created any awareness with one of the devs, is it even on the fix list?

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