Wher is the black fur on the cimmerian fur armor

Today i put gunnar the blacksmith in my blacksmith and he wears the cimmerian fur armor whit ghe black fur on his shulders . I now the flawless verson was have the black fur and the pictur oof thee chestpiee is showing the black fur ut when you equip it ther is no black fur

Yea i asked about this too and never got a responce. The cimmerian ‘‘fur’’ harness legendary medium is missing the fur collar. This has always been my favorite chest armor to wear in the snow and i was pretty upset. Hopfully its just a bug and they fix it. And it doesnt take 6months.

Sadly it is missing already since a long time and i hoped the last patch fixed it but now😥

Hopefully it’ll get fixed soon. Until then, my thralls are going topless in protest at the lack of fur on the Cimmerian Fur set.

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