Missing / Loosing mouse cursor

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1.Log in and play like normal
2.Suddenly, out of nowhere, the mouse cursor is gone when hovering inventory etc.
3.Exit game completly
4.Log in and play like normal agin until history repeats itself.

Anyone else got this problem? The mouse cursor dissaprearing ingame. ?

I have that some rare times, but NOT in this game. Don’t think it is a game problem.

Were you recently using Ansel or any other in-game overlay?

Is Ansel Nvidia’s shadowplay?

It happent three times today. I dont know what causes it

No but it’s a similar app by NVIDIA, and it can cause this same issue. The problem happens when you don’t exit the Ansel app with the mouse, but use the ESC key instead. I haven’t pinpointed the problem with Shadowplay yet – are you by any chance toggling it on/off while in-game?

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Its been off all the time :confused:

  • Shadowplay that is. Dont have Ansel

Just this past week, I’ve started experiencing an odd issue where the game will act as though I’ve Alt+Tabbed to another app. The audio will become muted, and I’ll see my Windows mouse cursor instead of the in-game cross-hair. Clicking back into the game then resolves the problem.

Is this the same issue you’re seeing? It’s hard to tell from your description.

Thanks for your feedback.

Nope. My cursor is not to be seen, but it works (invisible). So if i hover around on my screen long enough (without seeing the cursor/mouse pointer) i can click the boxes i want.

Its like; Its there. But it cant be seen.

@Jengster, I have had a similar, but opposite, problem. Normal play, sometimes when fighting, I lose control of my character and see the cursor. No windows are open.

I quickly learned to hit escape twice to return to normal, avoiding death :slight_smile:

You might try that, but I think the underlying issue with mine was that I had a Windows 10 notification (driver update available, etc.). Since that was a while ago, I do not remember the steps I took to stop the notifications during the game, nor do I remember if it was in CE or a setting in W10, sorry.

If this helps, great, otherwise, best of luck with it !

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Yes, indeed windows may be s… as hell in some ways, and some notification may “overlay” all you do else.

That’s why, turn all this stuff off when gaming ! The less apps, softs, and stuff you have running in the back and beside, the better. Taskmanager is your friend.

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