Missing NPC's in a few locations

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Urukage’s Exiled Lands
Mods: ModControlPanel, Immersive Armor, Weaty’s Armor Pack, GrimProductions, Shinoboru_productions, Nocturnal Gods: Clothing and Accessories, Highmane’s Arsenal, Evils Cabinet, Crucial Decorations - Reupload, Crucial Decorations 2 - Reupload, CreatureComforts, Beyond Decor, SH - Decorations, SH - Building Kit, Perfect little somethings, Shimas Compendium, Northern Timber, Glass Construction and more, GCAM down to 60, Pythagoras: Expanded Building, LBPR, Additional Features, Stacksize Plus, Unlock Plus, Less Building Placement Restrictions, Conspirator Armor, High Heel System, Devious Desires, Male New Faces, Female New Faces, People of Hyboria, Aquilonian Females, WARRIOR Mutator for Conan Exiles, Forgotten Depths, Barbarian Barber, GetClose, Advanced Gliders, SandstormEX, Auto Lights Off, Better Thralls, Improved NPC Engagement, Sudo Exile, Tot ! Immersive HUD, Tot ! Admin, Tot ! Chat, Tot ! Custom

Bug Description:

NPC’s at the Pagoda of Lust have stopped spawning. The mantis that normally spawn west of the oasis have been replaced by rhino spawns.

Bug Reproduction:

We restored a previous backup at one point, which brought back the NPC’s at the Pagoda, but they have since disappeared again. Have no idea how to reproduce it otherwise

There’s a good chance one of your mods changes them purposely / accidentally

Although I can’t really see any that I could pinpoint as known to be messing with the map :man_shrugging: but just in case you might want to try disabling them half at a time to see if the behavior goes away… and then when it does, put only half of the half you removed last back and test again etc… should get the culprit in a few attempts like that if it’s because of a mod.

I’ve tried removing all mods entirely and the NPC’s still don’t show up.

I was mainly talking about the rhinos, since those don’t just show up for no reason to replace sand reapers :stuck_out_tongue: That was most likely something mod related.

As for the missing NPCs, do you have any buildings nearby?

If your server is set up incorrectly there’s a chance a nearby building is blocking the spawner itself.
Check your ServerSettings.ini

This setting should be True like the above to prevent buildings blocking the invisible area spawners responsible for populating the whole zone (these could be further away from the actual place and they’re invisible so players wouldn’t know if they’re blocking one which is why that setting is turned on by default so it ignores landclaim, some server hosting companies though have an incorrect default config where that is set to False)

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Looks like this may have solved the issue. All mods enabled, changed this flag (it was set to False) and the NPC’s have spawned. Thank you!

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