Missing old New Dawn side mission?

There was a daily side mission you could get at the fountain. You’d get a tracker and find 3 bombs and then chase the guy around the corner after he places the 3 bomb and the side mission was over.

That was a great, easy one to do along with finding the Dead Drop. What happened to that mission? :confused:

That one got broken during the last update. (Apparently the tracker didn’t work) and I think they took it off until they got it fixed?

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Thank you for the info!

When I finished the new sabotage mission (public enemy), a mission similar to the missing one showed on my map. It also starts with a “suspicious device”, but in a different part of the camp, and the chase is shorter, so I don’t know if that old mission got reworked, or is it a completely new one?

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“Eavesdropping”, that’s a new one.

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