Mission: A New Dawn

Greetings. I have such a problem. I completed the mission with the Orochi tower. I received an SMS and after reading her assignment was lost. I tried again to go through the mission, but there is no result. A week has passed. what to do to get the mission “a new dawn”?

What is your Story Mission called, and what is the Tier and Objective. Easier to help if we know exactly where you are right now =)

last completed mission: laying low in the limelight. there is no current story mission. mission “a new dawn” is missing.

Try running around Agartha for a bit, that should trigger it.

I have a level 50. I am in the agarta every day for several hours. I have an ultimate ability.

To my knowledge at no point should you not have an active Story Mission. Best you can do is make a petition in game and explain your problem as in much detail as possible. A GM should be able to fix it.

chat command to open petition: /petition

For each of my characters, A New Dawn triggered when moving around Agartha’s main platform (the one with the faction portals). If that doesn’t work for you then, as Sin has suggested, you should probably seek help from a GM.

Hello TheAnger. Aeryl and SinOfTheWolfs are correct, we’ll need you to submit a petition in-game so we can help you out with this. We look forward to hearing from you :slight_smile: