Posible error in story mission: Dawning of an Endless night Tier 12

Hello there, I used to play this game back in 2015 and now after a few years I’m back.

As I progress through the storyline I have encounter something that may seem like a bug… First of all I noticed that this specific story mission has been changed, the old one has a tier limit of 15 or something, while the new one around 20 tiers, (refer to wiki pages and walkthroughs in non-official TSWL forums) few articles contain useful information about the new story mission “Dawning of an Endless night”.

Now I am stuck in the tier 16 where I have to find the sasquash chief’s treasured glyph inside a stump next to the spirit tree, problem is… I can not interact with the stump, and checking my inventory I have a few glyphs which is important to mention, can’t be used. In fact I am unable to upgrade or infuse items, when I open the upgrade tab I see some sort of tutorial, I mention that in case someone has an idea of the issue, now I am not quite sure if this is a mission bug or the upgrade tab is bugged.

I may be doing something wrong, if so please let me know what it is and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance for reading my question!

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There is a fusion tutorial the first time you reach level 20 green with a talisman and the same for weapon…there should be another max 20 green in your inventory…fuse your level 20 green whatever with that in the inventory and the tutorial should go away. But just in case can you make a screen of your inventory&upgradewindow?

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