Missing quest arrows and quest map locations

one of my characters (out of the 5 on the account) and one of my wife’s characters both lack any quest arrows on the map and they lack those cute little orange and purple circles that specify the locations for a quest. this can be pretty much crippling in khitai where vague quest descriptions tell me nothing about where i can find , for instance, a crow man nest. it took me a couple days to complete that crow man quest. should have taken a few minutes. anyone else have these issues? any known fix? it isnt in my settings. all my other characters are set up the same. help!

If you click on the yellow triangle near your minimap it will open a little drop-down list where you can either click on “Select instance” or “Hide quest markers”. If you click on hide quest markers you will uncheck it and the symbols will reappear on your map.

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i did not know that. if the server ever comes back up, i will try it. tyvm.

J’ai le même problème et j’ai bien “sélectionner les marqueurs de quête”.
Avez-vous le même souci?
Par exemple je cherche le 7e sceau de Karutonia et c’est assez difficile …
Merci pour votre aide !

Google Traduction:

Certains marqueurs de quête peuvent être très petits. Zoomez sur la carte pour les voir.

J’ai trouvé ! Merci beaucoup pour m’avoir répondu !