Quest Markers above NPC heads for low level quests

Hello everyone. I’ve been out of the loop since 2018 so this can be already in the game for all i know, if it is then sorry for posting this. But if it’s not, any news from the devs on Quest Markers for low level quests? In 2018 because i out leveled a zone i had to talk to every NPC in town to see if i will get quests from them, and after completing those quests i had to talk to every single NPC in town again, because some of those quests when completed open new quests.

So any news on quest markers for quests that you out level?

No, they are still invisible.

Best bet is to google the quest area and print out a list of who gives what and then work down the list checking them off as you go.

It’s a pain and I really wish they would have Implemented a device like LotRO did where you can click a box to show ‘trivial quests’ markers over NPC’s heads.

When questing for achievements these pages are useful: