Zath Glitches Noted

  • All day yesterday (30 Jan) mini-map was showing ‘!’ over NPC’s location’s even after quests were done. Noted on Sassan (the tailor guy) and his cubby partner (that likes fish) beside the Tavern and the Bearded Clam madame.

  • It would help with grouping to be able to click on other PC’s to lock them in for grouping requests. Having to note their name and then type /invite makes it easy to ‘miss the moment’.

I assume you mean all quests from the NPC were completed, but you still saw the icons. The icons were colored like normal too and not grey, right?

Grey ‘!’ icons mean the quest is too high of level and you can’t get it yet.

Assuming it is fully fixed with that patch this week, you should now be able to target other players, right click on them (The target portrait), and get a popup menu that should allow you to invite them to a group.

Yes, they were completed quests, but the ‘!’ icon ONLY showed up on the mini-map, not over the NPC’s and was colored yellow on the mini-map. Nothing to do with the actual NPC as I checked them to make sure they didn’t have anything for me.

Only saw it that one time, hasn’t been back.

Noticed in Gateway to Khitai, not only '!" markers on map/mini-map stay, when quests are not available, but the “?” - completed quest markers on NPC i have turned in and not have any moree quests to turn-in or take, consdtantly stay.