Missing the Potion of Midnight SP


Im missing the Potion of Midnight from the Admin panel and i couldn’t spawn it with commands, also when i talk to the child of jhebbal sag it only says Talk, Purchase: for 5 feral flesh, and goodbye.

I have a screenshot but cant link it because im a new user.

Any mods?

I haven’t check the admin panel for it so I don’t know where it’s at, but did you check the “other” panel?

Yeah i have a handful, ill try disabling them. Yeah i checked all the tabs using the search bar with keywords “midnight” and “potion”.

Alright seems it was a mod issue, ill try to find out which it was and post it here.

It was the “The Ends Of The Earth” mod in the steam workshop.

Makes sense. The amount of changes from this patch is a mile long (and can be seen in the dev kit file change list too), so a lot of mods got affected in numerous ways.

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