Child of jhebbal sag by the den

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I run a private server on Xbox

I am having an issue with the child of jhebbal sag by the den where you learn potion of midnight not showing up

There is a clan built in that structure and behind, but I don’t see they are built any further than where building allows

I’m kind of out of ideas why he is not showing

Can anyone please help me on this

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

The clan has despawm it… run a test… let clan be forced by admin to remove the close foundations and IF the child do not appear, then admin could spawn back the pieces they removed so they can replace…
Or admin could make a shop selling the potions for 5 feral (what child requests for the potion)

Make sure to check with ghost mode as well to rule out any undermeshed pieces.

@Ragnaguard unless the admin sits there to sell potions all day, the shop idea is not a practical solution for Xbox admins without the ability to use mods.


I understand… did not knew this… maybe then an organised bazaar every sunday in specific hours? Xd


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