True name of jhebbal

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Region: [EU]

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There is a clan in my server (official server pvp) that they have the true name of jhebbal for more than 3 days now…i thought u fix the glitches with the gods and etc

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Some of the infinite storage items were grandfathered in after the patch, or the exploit hasn’t been fixed. Only certain things were done on the last patch.

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yea i know…so they close the gods for 1 month but they didnt fix them 100% gosh…we are trying to play the game with out glitching but u cant do that if ur enemys glitch all the freaking time

Hear ya. Feel the same. Try to play within some sort of decency. Hell, On a server now literally half of the summoning pits is checkered with sandstone and vaults, lag fest. Just ruins any immersion and escapism of what gaming should be.

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