Missing thralls on Xbox

Game mode: [Online | pvp
Region: north America
Missing tgralls that don’t spawn in or are trapped in inaccesible buildings
Tgralls in Sep city spawn in inaccesible building near south lake multiple thralls don’t spawn in game been playing since launch and no purge ever have I seen so no purge thralls

Found out alot of the missing thralls spawn on pc
Some missing ones used to b there in ea but not since Sep city remodeled
Wandering if there’s plans to fix this on console
Also it would b nice if tgere were names tgralls at new asgarth or mounds of dead or any other of the various large camps

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.play game
2.look for thralls tier 4
3.look some more
4.never find them

This is being fixed with the patch that we just deployed :slight_smile:

Thank you for your fast response I love this game and appreciate your constant efforts to improving and appreciate your continued response to community
Thanks again

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