Thrall was rescued, cannot be found

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Region: [ US ]
Hardware: [ Xbox 1 X ]

Bug Description:

Downloaded update, all thralls are gone. When I attempt to rescue, it says they have been rescued, but they never appear. When I track follower, the icon in on top of my position. Cannot find thrall. Before they would be teleported to my position, but not anymore.

I really want to like this game, but it is beginning to feel like WORK, trying to regain my thralls every login. I don’t really understand in single player what the rationale for this mechanic is… its killing the experience.

Steps to Reproduce:

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  1. Update game
  2. Log into Single Player (Not Co-op)
  3. All thralls in list say guarding, and some are greyed out, some are not.
  4. Pick any one to rescue, get messge saying follower is rescued!
  5. Thrall never appears, and if you track them, the thrall icon is on top of my position, but thrall isn’t there.

It sounds like your thralls may be falling through the mesh (it’s been happening a lot recently). Hopefully it will get fixed at some point. As a workaround for the moment (that is mostly reliable at least in singleplayer) - go into admin mode. Go to one of the spots where the map shows a greyed out thrall, and use ghost mode to fly directly downwards. With a bit of luck, you should be able to find the missing thrall and bring them back up with you to place on guard somewhere on the surface. (Apparently, if they hit the ‘bottom’ they can die, but then they would show up in your list as dead not missing, so hopefully they should still be down there.)

The one bit that has me worried is that they aren’t showing up when rescued. At least on PC, they always have done so far, which makes me less certain that it’s the same thing. The only other thing I can think of is a console bug I saw reported where thralls may have been turning invisible. That report said that if you go to the spot the thrall is shown on the map and then rescue them, a bag containing their gear should appear at the spot they are supposed to be standing (whereas, as far as I know, with the falling through the mesh bug, the bag would appear under the surface and never be found).

If it is the falling through the mesh bug, then keeping them on player-made surfaces (and decently spread out) seems to help a bit (though doesn’t guarantee against the problem).

Hopefully something here helps, at least a bit, until the problem is fixed.

Edit: (Sorry, just saw and responded to your post on another thread asking about ghost mode for xbox. Sounds like this may be less useful than I had hoped - I hadn’t taken into account that you might not have access to the option. I hope you do have the ability to use it, my apologies if this has been a waste of time. I hope the actual problem gets fixed soon.)

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