Missing thrall. kinda


when adventuring with my thrall (female hyborian bearer 3 this time) or any follower with the exception of a horse and I die they disappear. If I die and look on the map for where my follower is, and then go back there, even thought the map shows them to be there, they are nowhere to be “seen”. So I wait for them to return home, and now I see there icon on the map back at my base, so I return to the base and still they are nowhere to be seen. They are listed in my followers list and still heathy, and according to the map back at my base, but you cant see them where they are indicated to be. “Sometimes” I can rescue the thrall and they will show up, but not all the time, they remain on my followers list and are nowhere to be found. fresh install windows 10, fresh install of game, single player, island of siptah, no mods, ho yah, it does the same thing in the exiles lands. Is there another way to locate your thrall besides rescuing them?

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If you’re just playing offline, go into ghost manager mode and undergraound they’re very, very low.

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This worked, found my thrall. In this instance she was just under the ground standing on water.

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