Missing Wolf glitch

Hi… my first post so please bear with.

Ok I have about 20 thralls and pets one bring a Greater Wolf. During an outing with him I lost connection with the sever. It was late so i went to bed. Next time i logged in he was gone
I checked the event log (pic attached) and it states 2 different times the greater wolf has returned home. However he’s not there.
I checked the follower listings and he’s not in the list so I can’t rescue him either.
The event log still reports he’s returned home, no mention of him dying…
What can I do?

did you possibly name him and not remember?
or tell him to guard somewhere other than your base?

returned home will always be the last place you told him to guard.

Are any followers in the list grey? this means they are far away from your location.
if any are grey try ticking the eye icon on the far right of the name, this will put a marker on your map.

good luck I hope you locate him.

Yep… i had only just named him. (Loki).
He definitely not in the Followers listing.
And yet still the events log doesn’t report a death… I’m at a loss.

Si no lo encuentras por la página de seguidores tendrás que buscarlo como se hacía antes de la gestión de seguidores. En tu caso es un animal tendrás que llevar contigo una caja de pienso y plantearlo en el suelo en tus refujios existentes o recrear los mismos pasos de aquel día que lo perdiste. Plantando lo la caja de pienso te dirá si esta cerca tu mascota. Espero que te sea de ayuda suerte


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